Tooth-colored Dental Fillings Improve Both Form and Function

Dental fillings are the most common restoration placed after treatment for mild to moderate tooth decay, and are used to strengthen and support the remaining tooth structure. For decades, fillings were only available using a silver amalgam material that is highly visible. At Bessler & Kang, Dr. Barry Bessler uses only the most modern and advanced materials to restore our patients' smiles. The tooth-colored dental fillings offered at our Wayland, MA, dental practice are designed to blend with your natural tooth enamel, and provide a secure, durable, and attractive restoration. 

Our tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings, are made of a composite resin which is mercury-free and metal-free.
Amalgam versus tooth-colored dental filling

Advantages of Tooth-colored Fillings

Our tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings, are made of a composite resin which is mercury-free and metal-free. Tooth-colored fillings have numerous advantages over traditional restorations:

  • Our composite white fillings are designed to bond to the tooth more securely than metal
  • Cosmetically, white fillings look more natural and attractive
  • While metal fillings fluctuate with temperature changes, resulting in fractures and other damages over time, tooth-colored fillings do not
  • Our composite fillings are free of toxins, such as mercury

The Composite Filling Procedure

If Dr. Bessler determines that a filling is necessary, he will:

  • Apply a local anesthetic to the affected area to ensure your comfort
  • Isolate the treatment area to keep it dry and clean
  • Prepare your tooth by removing the decayed or damaged dental tissue
  • Carefully cleanse the prepared tooth to remove any remaining debris or bacteria
  • Apply filling material to the prepared area and shape it to match the look, feel, and proper bite of a natural tooth
  • Use a special hand-held light to cure (harden) the filling material

Although many patients consider composite resin to be the modern, safe choice for restoring decayed teeth, we also offer silver and gold fillings. A patient who has a decayed molar and suffers from teeth grinding, for example, might choose a gold filling for its longevity and ability to withstand biting force. The placement process for different filling types will vary slightly and may result in a longer treatment timeline. 

Determining Your Candidacy

Dr. Bessler spends over an hour with each patient to determine the best treatment solution. He will begin with a visual exam and may take x-rays to look for signs of infection. Once he confirms you are suffering from decay, or another imperfection that can be corrected using composite resin, you will discuss your treatment plan. If the decay or damage requires more than a dental filling, Dr. Bessler can place inlays and onlays or a dental crown.

In some cases, the doctor can provide tooth-colored fillings as a replacement for old amalgam silver restorations. If you suffer from excessive wearing, fillings can also be used to improve the chewing surface of a tooth so you can comfortably bite and chew.

Restore Your Oral Health

If you have been diagnosed with a cavity, consider the benefits of tooth-colored fillings offered at our dental office. We invite you to contact us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bessler, who can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to restore your smile.

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